About Us – Our Story

The country house “Le Casaline di Sopra” has been a property of our family since mid ‘900; up to the seventies it has been inhabited by a farmer and his family who took care of the wood, cultivated the part of the land fit for sowing and breeded sheep and pigs.

This country house has been well described, with layouts and pictures in the book of Renato Biasutti in 1938 “La Casa rurale in Toscana”.


n the past years the buildings characterising “The Casaline” went partially in ruins and only recently our family decided to bring them back to life, starting from the principal one and maintaining intact its structure in order to preserve the spirit of the old building including a stone engraved with the date “A.d. 1846”.

casaline esterno al tramonto agriturismo a massa marittima

During the restoration of the building specific thecnical choices have been put in place ensure safety and at the very end “Le Casaline” now live again.

At present Le Casaline show up with five apartments, fully furnished and with independent entrance.

Our family, living not far away, takes care of the wood and is starting an activity of soil rehabilitation of lands left wild for years.